Family constellations

Welcome to the website of Family Constellations.

Family constellations is a powerful method to reveal underlying patterns in your life. The special thing about family constellations is that it works with physical, energetic and emotional force fields. These become visible through representatives of human relatives or topics. Bert Hellinger is the founder of family constellations. With his blessing we continue his work.

Our mission is to reach as many people possible with family constellations. This will show them a deeper insight in their lives, help them make better choices and make them happy and prosperous. We want to make this accessible for all! Join us for our next Free Online Seminar

We believe that this world needs systemic transformation, in order to access to the true potential for deep connection and peace. Just like all religions come from the same source. We want to bridge the cap between religions, nations, tribes, people and family’s.

And within our own hearts.

As an international organization for constellations.

In Family Constellations we reveal the hidden dynamics beneath the surface of your relationships.

Through this deeper understanding, you allow negative constrictive patterns of relationship to move into more healthy life affirming patterns of relationship. 

We provide seminars, workshops, individual sessions, training and masterclasses in  family constellations. Besides that we also work with organizational constellations in the top business segment. And provide trainings, workshops and masterclasses as well.

An important objective of our organization is to provide training in systemic work. We are extremely grateful to Bert Hellinger – the founder of the systemic work – for developing these methods. He has given us his personal blessing to continue the work in his tradition.

We are looking forward to meet you!

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