Education Family Constellations

We are now in our seventh year of running the Education Family Constellations. In addition we provide Education in Organization Constellations and other forms of systemic work.  We want to make the powerful work of Family Constellations affordable for everybody.  We organize several specific courses set up in such a way to offer you a lot to learn for a small investment.

Course Family Constellations. 7 days.
Course Organization Constellations, 2 days twice.
Course Relationship Constellations 2 days.

Course Political / Social / Spiritual Constellations.  2 days


By putting all these courses together we have composed our One year of Education. It is a special journey of the Soul on a luxury location with our private cook. Each block is really taking the time for a personal retreat.

One Year of Education consists of Family Constellations, Organization Constellations, Relationship Constellations and Political / Social / Spiritual Constellations. 7 times 3 days.

Why learn with us ?

In our courses you learn to trust your feelings, your intuition and what you may have been feeling all your life. In addition to learning the method itself, with us you learn to feel the method so you can channel the field.  This is why so many people join us for our Workshops, Courses and Education.  We go for raising deeper awareness. You will make a personal journey which takes you closer to your feeling, your roots and yourself.  With this help your way of standing in the world can become more powerful, loving and wise.

Hylke Bonnema started learning Family Constellations in Germany at the end of the nineties. In 2007 we started teaching our current Education Family-, and Organization Constellations.

During our Courses and Educations the foundation is formed by the group process and the research of your own field. We stress your empowerement by learning this special method of Constellating. In so doing we stay close to Bert Hellinger to whom we feel closely connected. He has given us his personal blessings to carry on his work in the Netherlands.

As an appropriate next step for people from different educations we regularly organize Constellation Masterclasses. These also entitle you to become a partner and to put your workshops on our agenda.  This agenda will be dominated by “the new way of Family Constellations”  and “ New successful ways of Organization Constellations”.

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