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Hylke Bonnema

Hylke Bonnema is the founder of this website. He was born in a business family from Friesland. After a serious car accident at the age of 19 he changed his course and emigrated to California. In his quest he started in his body and while studying psychology in California he was inspired by bodywork. He became a massage therapist and learned the method "rolfing" and "triggering” from teachers from the Esalen Institute. In California he also met Ma Jaya, a vivid, bright brave woman who helped him to awaken to the inherent unity of existence.

Back in the Netherlands he discovered that the body and the lived subjective experience was nowhere to be found in academic psychology. Hence, after having completed his study at Leiden University he further mastered himself in body oriented psychotherapy, in which he and Alexander Lowen worked together with John Pierrakos, the founder of bioenergetics. Both were disciples of Wilhelm Reich.

Hereafter he started working with groups in psychiatry, where he learned much about working with difficult groups. With his entrepreneur blood the health care soon proved to be not his cup of tea. Simultaneous to starting his own practice, as well as training groups in Family Constellations he also worked for Aaron A. de Haas trainings and also at 'Niewe Dimensies' training, coaching and consultancy. In this time Hylke also published on a book on Organizational Constellations. At present he cooperates closely with Boer & Croon Nextrategy.

Hylke Bonnema also is the initiator and President of the United Positivity foundation, which annually organises the Open UP Festival, a large international event concerning connection and authenticity in the Netherlands. A festival with heart opening music, transforming workshops and deliciously biological food.

Some of our participants have written about their experiences with Hylke Bonnema. You can read about this in Testimonials. If you have any questions please call +31 (0)639011219, connect via Facebook or use the Contact Form.


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