About Family Constellations

In Family Constellations we help you to reveal the hidden connections between family members and to recognize the apparent stagnations inbetween and if possible remove them. This makes it possible for you to live more freely, powerful, loving and successful.

A constellation may be about various different kinds of life questions. Themes in which you would like to grow or see in a new perspective. It can be about relationships, illnesses, money or perhaps the feeling that you do not belong anywhere. No matter what the reason is it is important that you are willing to open up.

What will it bring you?

In a family constellation a participant brings in a question in which he or she wants to gain insight or get some clarity. The other participants in the session, hereafter, are chosen by the participant as representatives for the main actors in demand. Often these representatives are relatives of the participant, who places them somewhere in the room, relative to the other representatives. This creates a field that shows underlying aspects of the question involved. Often the participants are asked questions about their feelings and attitudes towards each other and the situation and thus the ‘entanglements’ surface, which led to the stagnation in the life of the participant. Very often, however, this is not necessary as this is already visible in the natural arrangement of the constellation and the movement of the participants resolve the stagnation spontaneously by natural movement.

What it will bring you for sure it is a deeper connection with your parents and ancestors. You will start to understand your own life against the background of the undercurrents in your family history. Your prejudices decrease, while your happiness increases. Your happiness will mainly increase as you start to see things just as they are. As a result you will feel more independent and freer.

How do family constellations work?

The principles underlying the work in family constellations are somewhat difficult to explain. We know, however, that there is an active force in the constellation field. The effects of a constellation may vary depending on the question. We cannot say anything about this with certainty. In general, however, it is strengthening, healing and sometimes even life altering.

Some of our participants have written about their experiences. You can read about this in Testimonials.

Family constellations by Hylke Bonnema & partners

We work with what presents itself around you and stay as close as is possible to this perception, the perception of what we see and feel with you. Furthermore, we use everything we have learned in the past and have felt about how family systems work. However, subjective perception – both with you, as well as by ourselves – from our heart is always the starting point. The truth is always on its way, we meet him or her in the moment and with that we continue to grow.

Experience it yourself in a workshop

We can write so much about this, it is or course best to experience it for yourself. For this we have Family Constellation Workshops, Family Constellation Weekends and Individual Sessions. Besides our work in Family Constellations we also provide workshops and coaching programs that are based on Organizational Constellations, as well Advanced Courses in Family and Organizational Constellations.

If you have any questions then please call +31 (0)6 81797747 or use the Contact Form.

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